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MOMO is an art house rooted in sculpture, sustainability, high fashion, fine   design,     a n d       f u n ctionality.

We believe in waste-free creation and we'd like to show you one particularly fun path   to   a   cleaner,    greener    future. 

Interested in partnering for the sake of the planet, good times, and great art? 

You Might Wonder: What exactly does waste-free art look like?


I Would Say: Meet the MOMO BAGS . A MOMO bag, before you fill it up with lipgloss and cash as you should, is first and foremost a perpetual and one-of-a-kind piece of art. MOMO means anything can be anything but nothing can ever be the same. your old coat is the bag everyone needs, you never saw it but we did. carry art, wear sustainable extravagance and let us transform what wasn’t it into impossibly coveted fashion.

This is merely ONE way to create waste-free art. We dare you to try it.

Founder and artist MoMO creates each MOMO sculpture with exceptional love and attention to detail in LOS ANGELES.

momo world page 1.png

MOMO’s one true goal is to achieve total sustainability in our creation  process   and  through  the  execution  of  eco-art  events.


We source and use only the finest recycled supplies to create everything from the metals in our hardware to the elaborate displays we build to showcase our work. As for our bags, materials are sourced    from    just    about   anything,    anything   excellent.

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